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CARS will achieve optimal health outcomes through cost-effective services that help facilitate clients and their families, health care providers and other professionals in making informed decisions.

We utilize a neuropsychological evaluation[NPE] testing method which provides data about a client’s cognitive, motor, behavioral, linguistic and executive functioning. The NPE data provides insight into effective treatment recommendations for the rehabilitation of impaired clients.

NPE helps measure many function categories, including:

Neuropsychological tests provide quantifiable data about these aspects of cognition:
  • Reasoning and problem-solving ability
  • Ability to understand and express language
  • Working memory and attention
  • Short-term and long-term memory
  • Processing speed
  • Visual-spatial organization
  • Visual-motor coordination
  • Planning, synthesizing and organizing abilities

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Comprehensive Assessment & Rehabilitation Services is a Full-Service Assessment & Rehabilitation Services Company Serving Northeastern PA

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